Finding a Solution For Modern Construction Professionals

It started in 1986 working for property management companies performing tenant improvements such as framing, flooring and carpet work. In '96, we started our business where we were the head-subcontractors for major retail stores such as Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and Color Tile to name a few. In this time, we managed a team of multiple installers to install everything flooring related from wood, tile, carpet and laminate flooring for commercial and residential properties. It was in this time, my passion for flooring grew. It was in 2010 when my business "rebranded" to become more inclusive and we became a "Building Solutions" team. Still involved heavily with flooring, but also adding cabinets, countertops, molding, hardware, interior doors, steel doors and other specialty items for residential as well as hospitality projects. Now we currently manage multiple installers across a variety of projects across the entire southern part of California.

Working in the construction industry for 30+ years, with flooring always being apart of our work, we knew there had to be a way to deal with a dreaded problem: concrete grinding/surfacing. After years of design sketches, mockups and pattons, we are proud to launch the EZ-Grind Tool™ a weighted head that ensures a smooth concrete grind, every single time.

With the invention of the EZ-Grind Tool™, we decided to create EZ-Trade Tools™, bringing construction professionals innovative tools to help lessen the difficulty, and improve the quality of work, no matter what division of construction you are in.